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Villatoro’s Tree Service specializes in not only the tree removal service itself but we always also make sure we are performing the job under tree safety guidelines; Ensuring trees within your premises to not to represent a hazard for people or structures that are nearby. When we come to inspect the property, our main goal is to secure the perimeter to avoid any disasters. You surrounding are our concern and your safety certainly comes first.

Why Contact an Expert?

If the tree is damaged or diseased and beyond rehabilitation, it will be the best candidate for removal. We identify and list relevant factors that could contribute to a tree decay. Tree health is one of the factors that we look into, into structural defects, history of failure and the tendencies this particular species may have. We want to uncover anything that helps us determine the best decision as far as risky conditions are concerned.

Factors To Take Into Consideration:

  • Tree Health
  • Structural Defects
  • History of Failure (subject tree and others nearby)
  • The Predisposition of the Species to Failure
  • Recent Changes or Disturbance (ground conditions and shelter)
  • Prevailing Ground Conditions Affecting Stability
  • Weather Exposure

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