Tree Pruning

The Art of Tree Pruning

What’s the Importance of Pruning Your Trees?

There are several reasons why you should prune your trees. One of the most important reasons why it is recommended to prune your trees in a timely manner is so they look better and stay healthier. Pruning can also be used to direct growth in ways we want. When you prune a limb, your tree will grow new limbs in different directions and that helps develop a strong branching structure. Pruning is also very important due to safety reasons. Hanging limbs could fall and cause damage or injury so its best to remove them right away.

Tree trimming or pruning is more than just getting rid of dead limbs and helping the tree grow new healthy branches. There are basically two types of trees; evergreen and deciduous trees. Evergreen, as the name itself implies, are trees that stay green year-round, deciduous trees lose their leaves every year. Depending on the type of tree, they are supposed to be trimmed differently and at different stages of the year. This means that the level of expertise required is relatively high.

How to Properly Prune Your Trees

There are a few different types of pruning. One is canopy thinning, which is an internal cleaning of the canopy when you are pruning out dead branches, dying branches, branches that are crossing or interfering with each other. When you have downward pointing branches we need to apply another type of pruning which is canopy lifting. This can be a need when you have grass that is dying because of the lack of sunlight. By pruning your trees doing a canopy lifting cut you can achieve this. Lastly we have the crown reduction cut which differs from topping cut (or also called hat-racking) in that you are not “shaping” a tree and it does not work the same way because trees are not bushes and the main differentiation factor is that trees generally have a very high elevation to lift up their sap up to the very top making it harder for the trees to get its material up to the branches.

Additionally you do not want to introduce air into the tree’s vascular system because that also makes it harder for the tree to pull the material up and it also stresses the tree forcing it to create water sprouts and all sorts of other problems.

How to Know When to Prune Your Trees?

When is the right time to prune your trees? Well, that depends, typically for flowering trees blossoming in early spring, its best to trim them after the flowers bloom. During summer for trees that blossomed in late spring. Non-flowering trees are best if pruned during the dormant season of fall or winter. They should be trimmed in winter which helps heal wounds throughout the growing season. You should avoid pruning from the time the blood swell to the time the leaves are fully formed so you can do some light pruning during the summer when the trees have full crowns just to make sure they look their best but don’t remove more than one-fifth of the crown.

Because there are so many factors that need to be taken into consideration, we always recommend allowing professionals handle your tree trimming or tree pruning tasks due to the difficulty involved and above all for a matter of safety as not following proper measures implies life-threatening risks.

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