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Villatoro's Tree Service

is a company that views a tree as either an asset or liability. When we come to inspect the factors surrounding your concern, your safety certainly comes first. If the tree is damaged or diseased beyond repair – you will have to remove the tree. What we do is identify and list relevant factors that could contribute to a failure. Tree health is one of the factor that we look into, we also look into structural defects, and history of failure, and the tendencies this particular species may have, as far as risky conditions are concerned. Other relevant factors are whether ground conditions are affecting stability.

Here is a list of factors that we must identify:


1. Tree Health

2. Structural defects

       3. History of failure (subject tree
and others nearby)

       4. Predisposition of the species to failure

       5. Recent changes or disturbance
(ground conditions and shelter)

       6. Prevailing
ground conditions affecting stability

       7. Exposure to weather


Fence Installations

If you are looking for the smell, look, and feel of wood over the alternatives, Wood fences is the best choice for you. At Villatoro's Tree Service we will help you throughout the entire process including the selection phase of wood fence styles to choose from.

Searching for maintenance-free and environmentally friendly?

Iron fences are a good choice for any residential or commercial property. For larger gates we recommend Aluminum.

If you’re concern is security, durability, and strength, Chain link fences may be your preferred option. Although this typically is not a good choice for someone that desires privacy.

Styles, grades, colors, and other options are available depending on the overall purpose of the fence.

Now, today’s technology offers other maintenance-free alternative choices for residential and commercial property owners, our staff of professionals has been installing Vinyl / PVC fences for over 17 years and would love to assist you with this and any type of fence  installations.

We have a team of skilled tree experts who are devoted to the task of providing reliable service. Having professional, experienced supervisors on every site means we always provide the highest quality services possible.
Concerned about your family's safety? Trim it!
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